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The practice of Yoga is complementary and highly recommended for climbers (beginers and advanced).

Flexibility, strength, precision, resistance, concentration and balance are essential qualities to perform in climbing without getting hurt or even stressed and are exactly what yoga practicioners develope through asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and mindfulness (intentional presence).

So either if you are an advanced level climber or a beguinner why not integrating this two practices?
This privileged place, the Vallon de l'Aiguebrun (Buoux), has natural open-air flat spaces where you can have spear 60 or 90 minutes Yoga practices with a qualified instructor (before climbing or in between days), beside having a confortable place* in awesome location to stay and merge in nature for few days to enjoy the site (cliff, river, trails, landscapes), practice yoga, climbing, trekking, photographing, journaling, etc .

We can offer you and your family, group or company a personalized programm integrating climbing, yoga, massages, trekking, mindful walking and workshops, during your stay or even for a day.

*Auberge des Seguins - www.aubergedesseguins.com

Yoga course in Provence (Luberon)
Climbing-Yoga - colective course in Provence (Luberon)
Climbing-Yoga  in Provence (Luberon)
Climbing and Yoga combination in Provence (Luberon)